School years are not just a time for classroom learning, but also for identifying passions and hobbies. Here at Whitelands Academy, we conduct a wide range of after-school clubs, all of which are aimed at giving our students the best school experience possible. These clubs allow them to follow their passions and develop individual skills and talents.

By taking part in these clubs, our students are able to develop an array of transferable skills, including confidence, imagination, teamwork, coordination, focus, creativity, and determination. Honing these attributes at an early age sets our students up for success not only at school, but also in their adult life.

Why Join a Club?

Young people's skills start to grow and evolve from an early age, and their time at school plays a significant role in shaping their attributes and personality. By taking part in our after-school clubs, students enhance their social skills and enjoy spending time with their peers outside of the classroom. They also develop a range of other attributes, depending on which club they attend.

"We encourage all pupils to take part in a variety of activities that promote personal growth and achievement."

Extra Curricular Clubs

We aim to offer all of our students to extend their learning and skills outside of the classroom through a vast range of clubs and enrichment activities.

Maximising individual students' development and achievement is what every day is about.

Students develop the skills and confidence to prepare them for life in the 21st century and it is our aim that students leave us with a passion for life-long learning.

Below you can find some key documents relating to extra-curricular clubs, including a timetable of activities.

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