About Our School

At Whitelands Academy, the education we provide is guided by values of integrity, resilience, respect, ambition, and tolerance.

These values are particularly important to us as we develop the students into lifelong learners and prepare them for a life beyond school.

We are an 11-16, non-selective academy where everyone, staff and students, strives to be the best they can be. Our aim is simple: we are dedicated to excellence. We will provide a warm and welcoming community in which everyone participates to make a positive contribution. The language spoken is about aiming to be the best we can be. Teachers will be unrelenting and will ensure there are no limits or barriers to student achievement. We will work to ensure students enjoy their school lives and are proud of their school. Every decision we make has the students’ best interests at the core.

Expectations are high, and we will create a culture whereby our students’ approach to the community and learning is fantastic. At Whitelands, the small things matter, and it is these marginal gains that impact on the holistic educational experience on offer. We encourage participation in a wide range of educational and life-enriching activities, finding a variety of ways to celebrate success and individuality. By the time students finish their education with us, they will have been challenged academically and nurtured into fine young adults.