At Whitelands Academy, we are building a truly exceptional staff to deliver a comprehensive, diverse, and detailed curriculum. The staff will consist of a core group and leadership team that establishes a high standard of teaching in essential core subjects. They will be supplemented by expert staff from other schools within The White Horse Federation.

This structure gives us the best of both worlds: strong leadership that drives attainment in crucial subjects and expert teachers who strive for excellence in more specialist subjects. This approach means we are able to ensure consistent focus across our broad curriculum while utilising the support and expertise of The White Horse Federation.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C Edwards - Principal

Ms B Lyall - Vice Principal, Pastoral, DSL

Mr F Forder - Vice Principal, Academic, Deputy DSL

Mrs S Walkley - Assistant Principal, SENCO, Deputy DSL

Mrs S Gorham - PA to Principal and Senior Student Services Officer

Teaching Staff

Miss Archer - Teacher of Art

Ms Berthalon - Teacher of MfL

Mr Brown - Head of RE

Mrs Bickford-Smith - Teacher of Design and Technology

Ms Bushell - Teacher of English

Ms Cointre - Teacher of MfL

Mr Cartwright - Teacher of PE and Head of Year 7 and 8, Deputy DSL

Mr Cousineau - Teacher of Science

Miss Dawe - Head of PE

Mr Day - Head of Maths

Mr Godfrey - Teacher of Design and Technology

Mr James - Teacher of History

Mr Johnson - Head of Humanities

Mrs Marsh - Head of Science

Mrs Mofford - Head of Computing

Miss Montague - Head of English/Languages

Mr Morris - Teacher of PE

Mrs Peters - Teacher of Design and Technology

Mr Rann - Teacher of Maths

Mr Reed - Teacher of Maths

Mrs Putt - KS2 Teacher

Mr Tyler-Gunning - Teacher of English

Miss Walsh - Teacher of MfL

Ms Coles - Teacher of Performing Arts

Support Staff

Mrs Amin - Head of Year 9 and 10, Deputy DSL

Mr Bowden - Attendance Officer

Mr Brock - Assistant Site Manager

Mr McGinnity - IT Technician

Mrs Milling - Student Services

Mrs Poole - Science Technician

Miss Darke - SEN Admin

Miss Cody - Learning Support Assistant

Miss Lewis - Learning Support Assistant

Ms McHattie - Safeguarding Officer

Miss Moore - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Robinson - Finance HR Assistant

Mr Riley - Site Manager

Mr Stromanis - Cover Manager


Mrs Walkley - Assistant Principal, SENCO


Whitelands Academy will not only be a great school for students; it will also be a fantastic school for teachers. Working in partnership with The White Horse Federation, we offer teachers extensive support, fantastic resources, and a range of training opportunities. We welcome teachers of all experience, whether they have recently qualified or have been teaching for many years. If you are interested in joining Whitelands Academy, follow the link below.