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What Is The White Horse Federation?

3 January 2020
What Is The White Horse Federation?

Schools are often fiercely independent, taking great pride in functioning in isolation from other schools and organisations. But what is really achieved by operating in such seclusion?

The challenges schools face on a daily basis are difficult to overcome alone. With the assistance and security of a wider support network, tackling everyday obstacles becomes a much more manageable task. What’s more, when these obstacles are removed, being backed by a secure and stable ally means progress and improvements can be achieved at a rapid and sustainable pace.

The White Horse Federation

When Whitelands Academy opens in September 2020, it will become the 33rd school, and sixth secondary school, within The White Horse Federation network. The federation is a multi-academy trust comprising primary schools, secondary schools, and special schools that was founded in 2012. It is among the largest multi-academy trusts in South West England.

At the heart of The White Horse Federation is a united belief in collaborating to provide first-class education for a wide range of young people. Their schools embrace values-based education to ensure young people from all walks of life are supported with the skills and qualities they’ll need to succeed in the future.

Our Relationship with The White Horse Federation

The White Horse Federation is the driving force behind the planning, construction, and development of our school. Having recognised that Bicester is a growing, thriving town, and that the number of young people living in the area will rise, The White Horse Federation laid out its vision for Whitelands Academy.

The federation works tirelessly to make sure that our school will develop and retain its own unique character, and that it is recognised and celebrated within our school and by others within the federation.

They also give us the guidance, support, and resources required to ensure our students understand their own capabilities and talents; that we equip them with an understanding of what they must achieve in order to succeed in their ambitions; and that we enable them to strive for excellence as they enter the next phase of their development.

How Our Students Benefit

The White Horse Federation is a great source of stability for our school, and they continue to actively facilitate the development of Whitelands Academy so that we deliver the standard of education that children in the Bicester area deserve.

The other schools within the federation family form a network that vastly increases our resources. We are fortunate to count many of the country’s leading educators within our numbers, and we have access to their years of experience and expertise as part of the federation. With their assistance and support, we can further improve teaching and learning at our school.

Along with sharing knowledge and teaching techniques, the network also facilitates the sharing of resources. With access to the facilities of other schools, as well as our own state-of-the-art equipment, we are capable of designing and delivering a broad, diverse curriculum that ensures our students receive a well-rounded education and develop to become equally well-balanced people.

With this support in mind, it is clear to us that Whitelands Academy is able to achieve much more as part of The White Horse Federation than it would be alone.

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