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Q&A: Your Questions Answered

16 October 2019
Q&A: Your Questions Answered

Below, you'll find the notes to a Q&A session that was held at St Edburg's Primary School on Wednesday 26th May 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

The following members of staff were in attendance:

Charlotte ChristieEducation Consultant, TWHF
Nick CapstickCEO, TWHF
Lucy SullivanPupil Services Manager, TWHF
Susie MorrisseyAcademies Manager, OCC

Who Are The White Horse Federation?

The White Horse Federation was founded by Dr Nick Capstick back in 2012. His vision was a collaboration of both Primaries and Secondaries, working together to support schools within a Federation who were struggling. Pulling on internal expertise, resources and offering training and support to those schools who needed it. The White Horse Federation currently has 32 schools within its three Hubs, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, and Wiltshire. Within this, there are 24 Primaries and 8 Secondary schools, 3 of
which are special schools.

Why is the School Called Whitelands Academy?

Whitelands Academy is a 600-pupil school named after the farm which used to be on the site. The school has an admission number of 120 for entry in Year 7 which is 4 classes of 30 pupils with organic growth every year until the school reaches Year 11.

The size of the school was agreed 5 years ago by the Department for Education as predicted places required to cater for the families of the Kingsmere estate. There will be an opportunity to look at a potential 6th form later in the future if the capacity and need is there.

What is the Catchment Area?

The catchment area for Whitelands Academy is the Kingsmere development and the boundary is defined by the Oxford Road (A41), Vendee Drive (B4030) and Middleton Stoney Road.

When Will a Head Teacher be Appointed?

There are secondary specialists already in the Trust who are advising ahead of the new head starting.

What Provisions Will You Have for SEN Pupils?

Any child with an EHCP, Pupil Premium, Service children support moves with the child. We have a network group and shared expertise to ensure your child is continually supported along their learning journey. We have an opportunity to call on all networks for support for resources, skills and training and specialists up and down the M4 corridor to support your child’s needs.

Will You Be Working with the Local Schools Network?

The White Horse Federation would be proud to work alongside any local school networks that are already in place. We are already supporting an Arts festival and welcome links for professional development. Working together so parents of non-mat schools do not miss out.

How Do We Apply for a School Place?

Applications for Whitelands Academy will be open from 5th September 2019. To apply for a Year 7 place at the school, parents must apply online or download the form on the Whitelands Academy Admissions website. Applications will also be available by email [email protected]

The local authority will process applications for Whitelands Academy outside the normal local authority process for co-ordinating school offers. This means you will need to complete your LA common application form for your other choices of school in addition to a separate application for this school. Applications for the normal process should be made through OCC’s online portal available here:

Whitelands Academy will not be an option on the County Council form (online or paper) so it is vital that both application forms are filled out.

The deadlines for both applications is 31st October 2019. Applications received after this date will be considered “late” and will be processed after those received on time. Applying for Whitelands Academy will not prejudice your application for other secondary schools. The admissions system is only run this way for the opening year in accordance with DfE requirements. For 2021 entry and beyond, parents will be able to submit preferences for Whitelands Academy
through the OCC co-ordinated system.

While TWHF and OCC will be working collaboratively to do our best to ensure Whitelands Academy opens on time in September 2020, we strongly advise in addition to the application to Whitelands Academy you also apply within the deadline and select four different preferences to guarantee your child a secondary school place.

When Will I Hear if Our Child Has a Place at Whitelands Academy?

Offers will be made on 2nd March 2020. If we have not entered into a funding agreement with the Secretary of State opening the school by that date, they will be conditional offers which will be confirmed once we have a signed funding agreement.

If Whitelands Academy is Oversubscribed, What is the Over Subscription Criteria?

When the school is oversubscribed, after the admission of pupils with an Education, Health and Care plan or a Statement of Special Educational Needs naming the school, priority for admission will be given to those children who meet the criteria set out below, in priority order: (Children with SEN will be covered by the EHIC plan category)

  1. Looked After Children
  2. Siblings of Pupils Attending Whitelands
  3. Children of Staff Appointed to Fill a Skill Shortage Area
  4. Catchment - Kingsmere Residents
  5. Children Who Attend WHF Schools Gagle Brook and Southwold
  6. Other Children

Please be aware that in the first year, criteria 2 and 3 will not apply.

Where Can I Get More Information?

For more information on The White Horse Federation school, please visit https://www.thewhitehorsefeder... or email us at [email protected]

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