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FAQs for Prospective Members of the School Community

7 October 2020

With the admissions deadline for secondary school places coming up soon, we've received many enquiries from parents in the local community.

To help you decide what's best for your child, below we've compiled some of the most useful questions and our answers.

My son excels in several subjects, especially Maths. I feel that other schools do not encourage this and do not push my son to his full potential, they seem to want everyone at the same level. Can you please tell me what you would do in this situation?

Our curriculum is designed on challenge. This means we teach the most complex content to all students however we ‘scaffold’ the tasks in different ways to provide challenge to all.

As a mantra we do not want to close a gap. We believe that all students should be making exceptional progress and we plan and teach to this.

I should also add, to ensure challenge, Maths as a subject is set after the first half term.

Please could you confirm if you will be offering separate sciences as an option at GCSE or will it be combined sciences only? Also a similar question for History and Geography if a student wanted to would they be able to take both subjects at GCSE or would they have to choose one?

One of our top priorities is to ensure a broad curriculum. At GCSE we will be offering ‘separate’ sciences as well as the trilogy (combined).

We aim for every child to entered into the EBac which means we want all students to study a humanities and a language. We will definitely be offering the option to study both History and Geography at GCSE.

What year will they make their GSCE choices? 8/9

We will be offering a three year Key Stage 3 programme and going through the option process in year 9.

Which curriculum are you following for each subject?

We follow the national curriculum over three years at key stage 3. Details of the year 7 curriculum can be found here: Curriculum Page

What is the SEN provision at Whitelands Academy?

At Whitlands, we believe in inclusive education. We believe in bespoke provision so therefore encourage you to contact us to discuss individual needs.

How are bus services arranged for the school?

All transport is organised by the Oxfordshire County Council. For further information please visit

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