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Curriculum: The Definition of a School

7 February 2020
Curriculum: The Definition of a School

In my opinion, there is nothing more important in a school than the curriculum. The curriculum is what children learn and experience while in school, and while this primarily means subjects, it also encompasses enrichment and extracurricular activities, including trips. The strength of a school’s curriculum defines the school culture and, ultimately, the young adults who leave the school.

One of the most important roles I currently have is to design a curriculum for Whitelands. This curriculum must naturally build on key stage 2, be reflective of our local demands, be engaging and relevant, and, most importantly, provide stretch and challenge for all students.

We wish for our curriculum to be highly academic as well as supportive. Our aim is for every child to learn the core academic subjects, and we expect almost everyone to study the following up to GCSE level: English, maths, science, history or geography, and a foreign language. This suite of qualifications is what the government calls the ‘EBacc’; subjects chosen because they provide a strong academic footing for all future endeavours children might wish to pursue. We believe that with the right curriculum and outstanding teachers, all children can be successful in these subjects.

That is not to say we only care about academic subjects at Whitelands; far from it. We absolutely recognise and celebrate the importance of the arts. Our students will experience a rich and varied education in the arts, technologies, and sport.

To complement our curriculum, we will organise a wide range of trips for the whole year group to enjoy culturally enriching experiences, to visit museums and art galleries, and to try new experiences.

As the Whitelands curriculum develops, we can see a modern, vibrant, and challenging offer forming. By selecting Whitelands Academy, I believe you are giving your child every chance to be successful in their future.

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