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Creating a Culture of Learning

17 January 2020
Creating a Culture of Learning

The culture of any organisation — from a business, to a sports team, to a school — is a determining factor in its success, as well as the success of those involved. It can either strengthen or undermine objectives, and make it easier or more difficult to achieve goals.

At Whitelands Academy, we are establishing a facility, teaching staff, and curriculum that makes it possible for us to implement and maintain a culture of learning within our school.

Starting with a Clear Vision

Stating the aim of establishing a culture of learning is one thing; having the infrastructure and expertise to do so is another. A culture is born from many things, not least of which is a vision that underpins all actions and decision-making.

All schools within The White Horse Federation are united by a passion for working collaboratively to provide first-class learning experiences for children of all ages and backgrounds. The Whitelands Academy will be no exception to this vision. Our best-in-class educators have the interests of young people at heart. That’s why the curricular and extra-curricular provision we offer is designed to inspire and engage all learners.

Enforcing Values Shared by All

It is also necessary to enforce a set of shared values that unites those within your community. At Whitelands Academy, we have a values-based approach to education that creates positive learning environments and resultantly promotes a culture of respect, fairness, tolerance, compassion, and collaboration.

For this positive learning environment to be achieved, these values are modelled by staff throughout the school. This approach quickly liberates teachers and students from the stress of confrontational relationships, which frees up substantial teaching and learning time.

Reaping the Rewards

Creating a culture of learning requires a lot of planning, commitment from staff and senior leaders, and buy-in from everyone involved — including students and their families. But, when such a positive, fulfilling culture is established, everyone benefits: students are able to achieve highly and fulfil their potential; teachers enjoy working with enthusiastic, driven learners; our school becomes a centre of excellence that improves academic standards in the area; and the local community has a school that it can be proud of.

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