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On this page, you can find answers to general questions relating to the school's forthcoming opening. These are divided into the sections: General, for students, catering, uniform, and school staff.

General FAQs

When is our first day of opening in September?

Our first school day will be Friday 4th September.

What time will school start?

Morning registration will start at 8.30am

Will we finish early on Wednesdays like other secondaries in Bicester?

No, we believe strongly in consistency and that every minute of every lesson counts.

Will there be a transition day? Virtual or otherwise?

We will not be doing an on-site visit transition day because of the pandemic. We will be doing a series of webinars and meet the teacher events over the coming months and will focus our transition work as we return to school in September.

I have never seen inside the school; can we see some pictures or have a virtual tour?

Once work is complete, we will invite parents in for a tour and we will also be recording virtual tours when possible. Regular photos will also continue to be published on our twitter page.

Lots of parents are worried about sending their children back in September – what’s Mr Cush’s view of Covid 19 and what school will look like in September?

At the moment, we are also unsure of what the guidelines will suggest. We will, however, work hard to follow the guidance and do everything we can to ensure the safety of our whole school body. Being a new build school gives us a unique opportunity to build from scratch a curriculum that supports, develops and nurtures our students back into full-time education.

FAQs for Students

Will I be able to have a friend in my class?

We will ask students to request some friends to be in their tutor group and will work to try to ensure these happen. However, we are unable to promise that we can do this in every situation.

Who are my classmates, will I know anyone?

You might not know anyone in your class at first, but at Whitelands we will focus on a community spirit and we expect everyone to be welcoming and warm. Even if you do not know anyone, you will make friends fast!

Will I need a PE kit on the first day?

On the first day of school you will not need a PE kit.

What will I need in my school bag?

Your school equipment will need to include a pencil case, pens (black, blue and green), pencils (coloured and HB) and a ruler and a scientific calculator. We will send out details on which calculator is best in due course. There is no requirement for student to have any other technology (tablets, laptops etc)

Will there be lockers?

There are lockers being built in at Whitelands and these will be available.

What extracurricular activities will we be having?

We will offer a broad range of extra-curricular clubs which will include; STEM, coding, art, sports, drama, music, and others.

We missed out on our Year 6 residential, will there be any school trips lined up?

We strongly believe in educating the whole child at Whitelands and a big part of this will be trips. When safe, we will be doing a residential.


Will there be catering in the school?

Yes, food will be provided by Caterlink and paid for by a fingerprint cashless system

Will I be able to buy breakfast as well as lunch?

A breakfast club will be on offer.


Must all uniform be crested? Will we be able to have plain PE tops?

In order to provide consistency, and high standards of appearance we do expect our uniform (including PE kit) to be branded. A blog on our reasons for this can be found here.

When should I be ordering Uniform?

Information about ordering uniform can be found on the uniform section of our website: https://www.whitelandsacademy.org/information-for-parents/school-uniforms. Currently all orders are taking approximately 10 working days to process. All orders received before 7th August 2020 will be dispatched in time for the start of the Autumn Term.


What is the vision for Whitelands Academy?

At Whitelands Academy, the education we provide is guided by values of integrity, resilience, respect, ambition, and tolerance.

What is Our School Mission?

At Whitelands Academy, our aim is to provide children with the best possible education in the securest of environments.

Our teaching and curriculum will focus on providing all students with a solid academic footing that ensures every child reaches their full potential, especially in the key areas of literacy, numeracy, science, and ICT. We will also aim to help children develop as people, secure in knowing who they are and what they want from life. Our values will be specifically developed on a half termly basis through assemblies, rewards, PSHE and tutor time activities. Above all, we will act out these values in our day to day. Our guided reading and innovation days will challenge perceptions and expose students to life beyond the classroom.

Our teaching philosophy is simple: we aim to combine the best of tried-and-tested methodology with new and innovative ways of teaching. We make no apologies for our high standards and expect Whitelands to become a school of excellence.

Who are my teachers?

Your teachers are a range of excellent practitioners who have demonstrated high levels of skills and the right attitude to be involved in a new school. We have now appointed all staff and we will be sharing their details with you soon.

What subjects will we be taught?

At Whitelands we believe in a broad curriculum. Therefore, every subject you expect to be taught will be taught from the core subjects including History, Geography, Religious Education, Design Technology, Drama, Music, and French.

Who is part of the Pastoral team?

Our teachers will form our tutors for the four tutor groups. These will be supported by our Learning Support department and led by our Deputy Principal, Mrs Dumphey.

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